“A popular activity for cruise passengers is exploring the city utilizing the Corner Brook Stream Trail and we consistently receive appreciative comments for such a well maintained, safe and well signed network.  Walking the trail is one of the best ways to experience the vibrant autumn colours, a key attraction for ships calling on our region in the fall.”

Nora Fever, Business Development Manager, Corner Brook Port



The Corner Brook Stream Development Corporation (CBSDC) is a non-profit, community oriented development agency with the mandate to develop and maintain a public walking trail system within Corner Brook. The network started with a few trails within the heart of the city, and has expanded over time to the outlying wilderness sections of the stream. In addition to the actual trail-beds, CBSDC has developed the supporting infrastructure of pedestrian bridges, staircases, walkways, viewing platforms, and rest areas.  The trail system continues to increase, both in size and popularity. All development occurs under full regulatory approval of all applicable jurisdictions, under the CBSDC guiding principles of environmental stewardship and conservation.

Corner Brook Stream Trail
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The central goal for the Corner Brook Stream Development Corporation is to guide the sustainable development and management of access systems and appropriate attractions within Corner Brook Stream and environs with due regard to the natural environment.

The Corner Brook Stream Trail will provide a community focus for leisure pursuit, aesthetic appreciation, special events, environmental education, and ecological awareness to be enjoyed by residents and tourists alike.

The idea that sparked the origin of the trail network began with a feasibility study undertaken by the City of Corner Brook in the early 80's. What started as an idea to create some simple walking trails has grown to a network of adjoining trails with over $2,500,000 worth of infrastructure in the form of bridges, viewing decks, rest areas, walkways, etc. The Corner Brook Stream Development Corporation (CBSDC) has accomplished a great deal since incorporation in 1995. The remarkable achievements of CBSDC can be attributed in part to a group of dedicated volunteers and partners with the vision and commitment to make Corner Brook a better place to live.

The trails, which wind throughout the city and into the upper reaches of the Corner Brook Stream corridor, are used extensively for a variety of leisure activities year round. These range from walking, hiking and jogging to bird watching, snowshoeing, and organized sporting activities. The diversity of the trail network has something for everyone, whether they are local residents or visitors to our fair city, its relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery provide a welcome break. The majority of the land itself is the property of Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Ltd. which is owned by Kruger Incorporated. Without their trust and cooperation, the trails would not exist.

With the increasing popularity of the Stream network came the realization that it has the potential for so much more. Walking trails are quickly becoming recognized as destinations in themselves for tourists and visitors. Couple this with the striking natural beauty of our area and the potential for increased tourism activity becomes obvious.

In 2003, the CBSDC commissioned a professionally designed Master Plan Review and Implementation Strategy. This document outlined an implementation strategy that would identify physical works for completion over the next five years and articulated the future goals of the CBSDC. This document is, in effect, the blueprint for the future growth and success of the Corner Brook Stream Development Corporation's initiatives. It was funded through a generous contribution by the Johnson Family Foundation to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. It provides the rationale, planning and implementation strategies that has been the basis of our fundraising success to date.

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